Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mom! Get the camera!


Hello world! 2 words every programmer will know all too well. It signifies a new effort in learning, and the first attempt and trying to understand a new language. This time, however, I really am saying hello!

Who am I?

My name is Benjamin Forehand Jr. I am a student at Valencia College, hoping to transfer to the University of Central Florida eventually. I study Software Development. I am 24 and from Orlando, FL.

I LOVE technology! It's always growing and there is always some cool you can do with it to aide your life.

I also love anything with an engine. I am a big Formula 1 fan as well as Endurance Racing. I have gone to a few events in the United States, and plan to attend many more. You could say that I am a car guy.

Music is also a love of mine. I am into electronic dance music and that is what I mainly listen too. I also love Reggae (part Jamaican) and alternative rock, like Coldplay.

Exercise is something I view as important and I usually workout during the week. It helps me stay focused and feels great at the same time. I do love sports, and I like to play Basketball when I can.

Why am I here...

I've always wanted to start a blog, a place to write out what goes on inside my head and to eventually teach people, when I have the skills too. I think blogs are great. I have learned so much from them and I would love to contribute to the community. 

That leads me into the topic of Open Source.

Open Source Projects

I personally love open source projects. I think the idea behind it is great. It makes it easy for the tech-minded individuals to be able to access high end technology and see how they can use it and or make it better. 

FREE. This word comes to mind when you talk about open sourcing. Its Free! Being able to use great software or hardware without buying it is great for the consumer. It also aids the producer because it gets their product out there, especially if they offer some form of paid support or something along those lines.


As a student and an eventual developer, one of the main ways to get your resume taken a bit more seriously is showcasing how you work. Contributing to an open source project that you actually like is a great way to do this. Usually you can get some form of mentoring from a lead developer on the project too. So not only can you showcase your skills but you also learn something. These skills will eventually prove valuable to someone and BAM, you've got a job!

I am currently contributing to an open source project from Mozilla. I'll tell you a bit about it below!

Outreachy Internship

I have been accepted into the Outreachy internship and will be interning with Mozilla. If you don't know what this internship is, please visit this link: Outreachy. I am very excited and thrilled to have this great opportunity to learn a lot from some outstanding developers!

Outreachy Details

I will be working with Mozilla on their Firefox Automation team. Specifically, I will be converting some tests from Mozmill (Javascript) over to Marionette (Python). I have already started and it has been quite the learning process! 

Working directly with the lead developer for the Firefox Functionality tests (Henrik aka whimboo) has really opened my eyes. I have learned so much and the test I converted wasn't even too involved. I can't wait until they get a little more difficult so that I can learn even more. Henrik is great too. He's very patient and doesn't get mad when I ask a ton of question, because I really do ask a TON of questions!

All in all, I am grateful to my mentor John Dorlus aka Silne30 for accepting me into the program and helping me even before this. He has turned into a great friend, someone I can go to for more than just technical questions. I know he is just as excited as I am.

Wrapping it up

So this being my first post it was kinda long. The posts that follow may be long as well, who knows. I would like to not only talk about what I do for the internship, but allow you to get to know me better through this blog as well. I hope you stay along for the ride!

- Benjamin